Safety Features on Newer Vehicles

Posted by: | Posted on: March 19, 2017

It’s fair to say that people are living longer these days, thanks to new medicine and cures. We also have to give thanks to our automobiles. What once were not standard equipment now are. It really wasn’t that long ago when seat belts, anti-lock brakes and air bags were features you had to pay extra for. Now all this is standard equipment, developed to make it safer in case of car crashes.

So much technology is going into cars these days to make us all just a little safer. We still have features that drive that price range up just a little bit more. Like lane departure warnings. This will help with blind spots. If you drive more at night they have a drowsiness alert. This is a great feature for OTR truck drivers. Since 1998 airbags have been on a standard in all cars. It has helped save more lives. Traction control will limit wheel spin during an acceleration. It really helps during icy or wet conditions. This will help with over correction.

All cars now have standard car seat latches that makes it easier to install a car seat for our kids and that makes them safer. Some cars have inflatable seat belts, which also helps make our children safe as well as the elderly We have back up cameras. forward collision cameras, and some even have radar to let us know if we are driving too fast, which will give us more time to react if approaching a car. They also have a rear traffic alert system to let you know if something is behind you. All of these features are designed to make our driving experience safer. They also have active head restraints that will move up to help absorb the shock of a head on collision. Some cars even have roll cages just like race cars. To help keep us safe during a rollover.

With on star you can get help faster, and they don’t have to look for you for days. I really like this feature. Its still our responsibility to drive safely and non distracted. You can visit website here to learn more. This alone will help save your life and the lives of others, and although we have all these features don’t drink and drive or drive under any influence.

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